MCLC Programs

Though each student/tutor pair works with a unique learning plan, all students are assigned to one of these three basic programs:

Adult Basic Education (ABE)
This program is designed for any adult who functions below ninth grade
level and needs to improve in basic reading, writing, and math skills to function in society.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
This program is designed for foreign-born adults who need to become proficient in reading, writing and speaking English.

Adult Goal Based Education (AGBE)
This program is designed for people with more specific learning needs,
such as mastering a particular life skill, GED or citizenship preparation, career readiness and computer skills or needing support for engaging in higher education opportunities.

We also provide a computer lab, available to anyone at any time our Read Moore Center is open. All students spend at least six hours in the computer lab prior to being matched with a tutor, and many students continue to benefit from the excellent educational software in our library.  Students whose schedules do not allow them to commit to regularly scheduled weekly tutoring sessions are welcomed to use the computer lab as their sole educational resource.

All educational programs are free, and student/tutor pairs meet in a variety of sites throughout the county, including Aberdeen, Carthage, Robbins, Southern Pines, Vass and West End.