Website Resources for Students

Here are some free, easy to use websites to help adults improve their reading, writing, speaking, listening, pronunciation and/or test taking skills. They are fun and at many different levels!

Marshall Adult Education

The “Reading Skills for Today’s Adults” series on this website contains adult-oriented graded stories (1st – 8th grade) that can be printed out (ctrl+P). Stories have pre-reading questions, vocabulary definitions and comprehension questions.

365 ESL Short Stories

This is one of the best sites for easy conversations and stories – literally hundreds of them – an is also appropriate for ABE students. Be sure to go beyond the home page to take advantage of the wealth of lessons – some of them very life-skills based.

English Page-online English lessons

California Distance Learning Project

The California Distance Learning Project has compiled dozens of stories – each with a “Basic Story” or a “Full Story” version. Stories can be printed out (ctrl+P) or listened to and read on-line (some stories have accompanying videos). Follow-up activities are for online use only. (Click on “Pick Another topic” to find hundreds of additional stories by topic area).

EL Civics for ESL Students

This is a great website for stories with pictures and easy words on U.S. history, landmarks, holidays and geography. Copy and paste stories into a word document and print them out.

ESL Gold offers free resources for teachers and students, all categorized by skill and level.

Grammar Infographics

An online spelling and grammar checker will help you gain more confidence in your writing.

Picture Stories for Adult ESL Health Literacy

Check out the great picture stories on basic health issues (beginning literacy and ESL students)! The Center for Adult English Language Acquisition has a wealth of information on their website, and these half-dozen cartoon picture stories, complete with a one-page guide on how to use them, is one of the best.

Tar Heel Reader

There are dozens of easy-to-read “books” (most are 5-10 pages) written for, and sometimes by, ESL and ABE beginning readers. Interesting topics, and books can be printed out (ctrl+P) or viewed on-line. Students can also write their own books and post them.


For advanced ESL students wishing to prepare to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), this site has many practice tests to be taken on-line. Good preparation for the real thing!

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

When you are ready to prepare for the NC written driver’s test, this is the site to visit. Rules of the road, registration requirements, signs and signals and sample test questions are available for car, truck and motorcycle drivers.

English Made Easy

Users log on to the English Made Easy web site and are presented with material to read. An on-screen mentor, or companion, “reads” a phrase to the user and then provides an opportunity for the user to read the material, using a headset microphone

Awesome America

This site has fun facts, history and photos of each of the 50 states and much more.