Please help us become Read Moore County, leading North Carolina in literacy!

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Low literacy is a significant handicap for non-readers, and it will become even more disabling in our increasingly technical and digital world.  Left unabated, low literacy will be a dead weight on the social, cultural and economic development of Moore County.  Moreover, the inability to speak and write in English is a major barrier to the assimilation of Moore County residents born in other countries, and their children.

On the other hand, Moore County is a special place, blessed with significant resources.  We have a growing population of volunteers who need opportunities to connect to the community by helping others.  Many are already aware of our problems with low literacy and are eager to help.  Others will support our cause if they are well informed.  Overcoming the fierce competition for grants and charitable dollars will be a continuing challenge.


Our mission is to work with others to significantly improve literacy in Moore County in ways that are measurable and immeasurable.  We will maximize the impact of our limited resources by (i) boldly raising the awareness of low literacy in Moore County, (ii) systematically identifying and coordinating the county’s literacy resources, (iii) energetically recruiting and training volunteers, using state of the art literacy resources to provide volunteers with meaningful and life affirming experiences, (iv) nurturing and developing  additional literacy programs and funding resources, and (v) strategically providing literacy counselling and tutoring in our own facilities.


Increasing literacy in Moore County to the highest rate in the State of North Carolina.


One-third of Moore County third-graders are not proficient readers, according to local school data.  Things are even worse for low-income students in Moore County, of whom only half will reach this critical milestone.  Meanwhile, we estimate that more than 7,000 adults in Moore County struggle with low literacy.  Please work with us to address these challenges head-on, transforming Moore County into Read Moore County, leading North Carolina in Literacy.