FAQ – Students

Q:  How much do students have to pay for tutoring?
A:  All tutoring services are provided free of charge.

Q:  What programs do you offer to students?
A:  All students are paired with one of our tutors and be assigned to one of the following programs:

English as a Second Language (ESL)
Adult Basic Education (ABE)
Adult Goal Based Education
Click HERE for more information on our programs.

Q:  How do I become a student?
A:  We will schedule an initial meeting to assess your current skill level and discuss your educational goals.   As a new student, you must complete six hours in our computer lab.  We will then select and introduce you to your tutor who will work with you to establish a learning plan and tutoring schedule.

Q:  How often will I be meeting with my tutor?
A:  A typical tutoring schedule would have you meeting with your tutor weekly for 1.5 hours. You also have free access to the MCLC computer lab and a wide variety of software applications designed to enhance your literacy skills.  In addition to the in-class time, you should plan to allocate some time each week for homework.

Q:  Where do we meet for tutoring sessions?
A:  Most students meet at the MCLC Read Moore Center in Southern Pines.  Click HERE for the address and location map.  We also have tutoring sites in Carthage, Robbins, Seven Lakes and Vass.  Alternative meeting sites in public places can be arranged with approval from the MCLC staff.

Q:  Does the MCLC provide textbooks and other learning materials?
A:  Yes, the MCLC provides all textbooks and learning materials for students and tutors free of charge as part of our literacy programs.

Q:  When is tutoring available?
A:  Tutoring sessions are held at the best time for both the student and tutor. For some student/tutor pairs the best time to meet is during the day and for other pairs it is during the evening. The MCLC locations in Southern Pines and Seven Lakes maintain specific evening hours for this reason.

Q:  Can you help me get my GED?
A:  We can help you bring your reading level up to the 9th grade level. That will prepare you for the entrance test for the GED program offered through Sandhills Community College.

Q:  Can you help me achieve my goal of U.S. citizenship?
A: We can help prepare you to take the citizenship tests.