FAQ – Volunteers

Q:  How can I get involved with the MCLC?
A:  There are many ways to get involved. Become a volunteer. Make a donation. Join us at an upcoming event. For more information please call us at (910) 692-5954 or fill out our contact form.

Q:  How do I become a tutor?
A:  All tutors must attend an initial one hour orientation session followed by a 12-hour training program that is scheduled several times during the calendar year.  Learn more HERE.

Q:  What can I expect to happen during the training program?
A:  During this training, we will share information with you concerning available tutoring opportunities. You will choose to work with an adult who needs literacy instruction, or with an adult immigrant needing conversation and English language skills. The training will give you the information and skills necessary to be a successful volunteer tutor. Things such as teaching techniques, characteristics of adult learners, and books that we use are covered throughout the session.
Please note that foreign language is NOT a requirement to tutor an adult immigrant. MCLC will provide you with the skills and materials to work with someone who speaks a different language.
At the end of training, you will complete a survey giving us the times and days you are available. We will use that information to match you with a student.  Once a student is selected, an MCLC staff member will meet with you to discuss your student’s Individual Learning Plan and provide you with books and materials. That person will also help you set short term goals for the first quarter that you meet with your student.

Q:  I want to be a tutor but do not have a teaching background – does that matter?
A:  Not at all! As long as you have a desire to make a difference and are fluent in reading, writing and speaking English, you are an ideal candidate to be a tutor.

Q:  How often am I expected to meet with my student?
A:  We recommend that you meet with your student once each week for one and a half hours.  You may, of course, meet more than once a week if your student wishes to do so and you can accommodate that schedule.

Q:  How long does a tutor typically work with a student?
A:  The time will vary according to each student’s needs and their motivation to reach their goals.  Some tutors work with students for two to three years or longer, while some only work with a student for a few months.  This really depends on the student’s needs and motivation.   For example, a student who needs to improve math skills in order to pass the GED test will probably not need your help for an extended period of time, but someone who has very low reading skills will need your help for a much longer period of time. If your student leaves and you would like to have another student, we will match you.

Q:  Where would I meet with my student?
A:  We recommend that you meet with your student in a public place such as one of the library branches or at the MCLC locations in Southern Pines or Seven Lakes.  We do not recommend that you meet with your student in your home or in their home.

Q:  How do you determine a student’s current literacy level?
A:  An initial assessment is made by MCLC staff prior to a student’s assignment to a tutor and at regular intervals during instructions.  Check-ups and reviews are also integrated into the learning schedule. The student, tutor and staff person will work together to create learning goals and a learning plan and will review that plan every three months.

Q:  Am I required to turn in any reports?
A:  Yes, tutors are required to keep a record of volunteer hours on a monthly basis. We have created a simple one page form for this purpose. The information is required by our funding agencies, grant applications and adult literacy organizations. Tutors also have to submit a report quarterly to show the progress the student is making toward individual goals.