Become a Tutor



Time: Average 3.0 – 5.0 hours per week.

Commitment:  minimum of two 10-week sessions per year. 

Training:  Motheread/Fatheread tutors are sponsored by MCLC and required to complete a 3-day training program through the national office in Raleigh, NC; however, there are also volunteer opportunities in hospitality, childcare, outreach, etc. 

For 2.0 hours/week, the tutor uses children’s books, adult poems, and narratives to teach literacy skills to adults with an emphasis on developing skills in all four areas of literacy: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Tutors seek to educate and reinforce the goal of parents reading to their babies and young children as early and as often as possible for healthy brain development. 

Contact:  Nancy Bryant, Adult & Family Literacy Programs Coordinator, at

One-to-One Adult Tutoring

You can become a volunteer tutor and teach an adult the joy of reading. All you need is a little time.

Time:  Average 2.5 – 3.0 hours per week (includes preparation and travel time).

Commitment:  on-going with the intent to build a relationship with the student. 

Training:  Tutors of adult students are required to complete at the Read Moore Center 1 hour of MCLC orientation plus 12 hours of ProLiteracy training.  Training is offered quarterly.  Contact us for upcoming training dates.  See contact info below.

  • Adult Basic Education (ABE) ~ Tutor an adult for 1.5 – 2.0 hours/week in basic reading, writing and/or math skills.
  • Adult Goal Based Education (AGBE) ~ Tutor an adult for 1.5 -2.0 hours/week based on individual’s personal goals, which may include GED preparation, real life skills, citizenship preparation, job related goals, etc.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) ~ Tutor an adult from another country for 1.5 – 2.0 hours/week to improve his/her reading, writing and conversation skills.  

Location:  All sessions will be held at the Read Moore Center, 575 SE Broad Street, Southern Pines

Contact:  Judith Douglas, Adult Literacy Programs Coordinator, at

Touch A Life

In the last program year, over 110 volunteers functioned in a variety of necessary roles, donating thousands of hours of time. MCLC is definitely a volunteer-driven community based organization, dependent on people seeking the reward of making a real difference in someone’s life and in their community.

Take advantage of an opportunity to touch a life; the rewards are many. While most volunteers are tutors, we also rely on people to serve on the Board of Directors, work in the office, assist with fundraising events, and help with special projects. Anyone interested in volunteering attends a one hour orientation, held monthly.

During the orientation session, participants learn about the opportunities and responsibilities of a variety of volunteer roles, so that they can determine if their interests and availability match MCLC’s needs. No pressure is applied, as we want to make sure any community volunteer lands exactly where he or she will be effective and fulfilled.


If you think you want to be a one-to-one tutor, the first step is to take a 12 hour training course, provided by certified trainers.  Once training is completed, volunteers are invited to fill out a preference sheet, when and if they are ready to tutor. A match with a student is made as soon as possible, based on the expressed preferences and schedules of each. Both commit to a year’s work, normally meeting once a week for one and a half to two hours, using an individual learning plan developed for the student.

All teaching materials are provided by program staff members, who offer teaching tips, training opportunities and information about on-line resources on an ongoing basis. In addition to preparing for tutoring sessions, tutors also submit monthly time sheets and quarterly progress reports, based on forms generated by staff. This information is crucial for our applications for grants.

At the end of every program year in June, both tutors and students are given the chance to indicate a desire to continue in the same match, to be matched with another person, or to be done.

Tutoring sites are in public spaces throughout the county, including public libraries in Carthage, Robbins, Southern Pines and Vass; Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church in Seven Lakes; Aberdeen Elementary; Sandhills Community College; and the Read Moore Center in Southern Pines.  We want our services to be accessible, and, when possible, match people from similar geographic areas.

The Read Moore Academy for Summer

Tutors assist rising first- and second-grade Moore County students with improving their reading level.  Tutoring occurs Monday through Thursday at the Northern Moore Family Resource Center, located in Robbins, NC.  By volunteering their time, volunteers help students to avoid the “summer slide” where lack of access to reading materials and experiences during the summer months causes many children to regress in their reading level.  Although all children are susceptible to “summer slide,”  this proves especially so for our most disadvantaged students, who often lack access to reading materials and exposure to reading experiences while out of school.

Contact:  Joyce Clevenger, Executive Director at for more detailed information about volunteering.

This program is currently not active.