All Donors and Supporters

Give the Gift of Literacy …

Our students’ successes depend on your donations, which allow us to provide free, individualized tutoring services to adults, improving their lives and our community by improving their literacy skills.

Just over 80% of our funding comes from right here in Moore County, and given the trend in federal funding, as well as its restrictions, our goal is to become 100% supported by the community.

Review our annual report to get an appreciation for how many people we educate.
Request information on our tax returns and annual audit review to see that we are good stewards of our resources.

Thank you!


Because we are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, all donations are tax exempt and documented with a prompt thank you record of your gift.

Want to know what your donation will do?
$10 will pay for a student workbook
$100 will underwrite one tutor/student pair’s materials cost for a year
$250 covers the cost of a refurbished computer for the computer lab
$500 will buy one to three new educational software programs
$825 will sponsor one student for one year
$1200, paid in $100 monthly installments, will help sustain basic operations