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Just when you think you are not getting anywhere, your student suddenly shows she has
been with you all along and is finally ready to show it. After three and a half years of habitual inconsistent attendance and very slow progress, my student, on her own, set a goal of attending our sessions at least three times a month. I felt a real sense of excitement and renewed enthusiasm in our shared goal to help her achieve a comfort level in understanding and speaking English. Even with her erratic work schedule and difficult life circumstances, she was telling me that making a more concerted effort to learn English was indeed a priority, and to please not give up on her. This goal has boosted my commitment to give her all the support and encouragment she needs to succeed.

Another goal which might be more challenging to achieve is her new commitment to read at least 2-3 books a week in English to her 13 month old daughter. Although other members of her family read to her daughter in English, this is not a routine she has embraced. She seemed to understand that this reading goal would not only provide important bonding time for a child she sees very little during the day, but also expose her daughter to English on a regular basis within a mostly Spanish-speaking household. And while educating her daughter, she is also improving her own reading skills in the process.

Time will tell how successful these goals will be, but I’m encouraged by my student’s enthusiasm in setting these goals and working with me to make them happen.

Katherine-MCLC Tutor